Happy New Year of the Horse – Here is some Feng Shui advice

Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Horse 2014


Dear Friends,

Last year was a bit of a roller-coaster ride for many people. I had an amazing year with a huge step forward in terms of career. I started a film production company called Alpine Style Productions and with the help of my excellent team we completed filming eight episodes of a thirteen-part series on Feng Shui, called ‘Wind and Water’. You can see the trailer for this ground-breaking TV series using this link.

Sales of my book, ‘Feng Shui – Seeing is Believing’ have also been going well. And a new book, on Flying Star Feng Shui, is one of my priorities for 2014.


I have also found a manufacturer interested in making the Feng Shui enhancers that I designed with the sculptor, Olivier Massange. Keep an eye on my website for availability later this year.

The year of the Snake brought its ups and downs and now we move into the year of the Horse. The horse is characterised by strength, reliability and hard work. So that is what you can expect this year as well as more travel. People born in the year of the Horse should practice more patience this year and take a more softly, softly approach to their work.

In general though, I think that we can start to be more confident about business, career and projects. They will need hard work but we should start to reap the benefits of the necessary soul-searching and re-orientation that we have been through in recent years. Period Eight (2004 to 2024) was always predicted to be a prosperous one and now that we are halfway through we can move forward with more confidence for the next eight to ten years.

However, as usual, there are yearly influences that we must take note of and control.

A wind chime with six hollow metal tubesThe principal negative influence, which is called the ‘Five Yellows’ moves from the centre this year to the north-west of your building. It is always important to have metal where the Five Yellows is located for the year – so hang a fairly large wind chime with six hollow metal tubes.

The wind chime can be inside your place or outside and it doesn’t have to make a noise. Metal exhausts the negative earth influence. Otherwise there would be problems for men in senior positions and in getting help from mentors, teachers and guides.

If you have been practicing Feng Shui, you may well have a wind chime in the north-west of your place already and it will certainly not harm to place an additional one. It may even attract more people to help you in your life.

Two other major negative yearly influences for 2014 affect your sitting directions and there is a double dose of bad energy when facing the south. I already explained the great importance of personal good and bad directions in an earlier blog called  ‘Time to get a good direction in your life’.  You should check out this extremely helpful information if you have not done so already.


The first is called the ‘Grand Duke’ and you must not sit facing this way even if it is a good personal direction for you. In 2014 it is due south so avoid having your desk facing this direction or sitting watching TV facing this way. You may even prefer to not have the head of your bed towards the south this year.

The second direction is called the ‘Three Killings’ and it is important to not sit with your back to this one. In 2014 it is in the north so again you should not sit facing south, otherwise you may suffer from unnecessary criticism.

Remember that good luck does not grow on trees.  You must first create the cause of good fortune by performing good actions with good intentions. What goes around, comes around. Feng Shui can help to create good conditions so that good luck can become manifest but it is up to you to make your own luck by being a good-hearted, patient and generous person, and also to recognise and seize the opportunities when they arise. Then again use that good fortune to help others. That way, you will create a never-ending cycle of abundance.

2014 will be a crucial year for my TV project and I will need all the help I can get! Wishing you all the very best of luck in the year of the Wood Horse!



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Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Snake 2013

Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Snake 2013

Wonderful Snake Dear Friends, Another year over and it was a difficult one for wealth for many people. But the well-made plans and developments of last year will bear fruit in this one. This year the focus changes to support and stability for your family and business. It was a very big year for me personally when my book ‘Feng Shui – Seeing is Believing’ was published by Wisdom Publications of Boston, U.S.A. It is available in both hard copy and ebook versions from Amazon and other good outlets. Check it out at: http://www.wisdompubs.org/pages/display.lasso?-KeyValue=33182&-Token.Action=&image=1 I also made the pilot episode of my TV series – ‘Wind and Water’ in Florence and I have already filmed one of the 13 episodes which is set in India (on attracting the luck of Mentors) in full HD quality. The other 12 episodes will be filmed all around the world this year for release in 2014. If you would like to invest in this unique and highly beneficial project let me know. Keep an eye on my website for developments. http://www.jlgeomancy.com Now it is time to look at the Feng Shui tips for the year of the Water Snake. Will it be a lucky year for you? The principal negative influence this year is in the centre of your home and business premises. It is important to have metal in the centre of your building this year. This is necessary to control the ‘Five Yellows’. It is a year when you may have problems finding support and you should take care that the central sector of your place is well set up. As I mentioned before, you should be aware that Feng Shui recommendations do not make up the entirety of your luck. You must first create the cause of good fortune by performing good actions with good intentions. Any major moral philosophy will explain how to do this. Then the seeds of potential good fortune are created. For example, the seeds of wealth come from generosity and the seeds of health come from not harming but helping (even insects). What goes around, comes around. Feng Shui techniques explain how to create the right environmental conditions so that these seeds can ripen and opportunities for good fortune arise. Then it up to you to make the most of those opportunities. Using your good directions is a major part of creating conducive environmental conditions. In last year’s blog I mentioned the great importance of using your good directions (and avoiding your bad ones). Everybody has four good directions and four bad ones and I explained these in some detail. If you missed that information I highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with it before you do anything else. It can change your life! https://jampaludrup.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/time-to-get-a-good-direction-for-your-life/ However, you must also be aware of the  yearly influences, which sometimes render even your good directions negative. These negative yearly influences are called the ‘Grand Duke’ and the ‘Three Killings’. This year the direction of the Grand Duke is still the southeast. The precise compass bearing is from 143 to 157 degrees. He is like a grumpy old general and it is not good to sit facing him even if the southeast is one of your good directions. You can sit with your back to him no problem. I also recommend that you do not sleep with your head toward this negative influence. If you are planning renovations, do not start them in the southeast. The direction of the Three Killings is the east. It is important that you do not sit with your back to this direction. In other words, you should not sit facing the west this year. If you do, there is a danger of criticism or ‘back-stabbing’. You can sit facing the east with no problem. The third negative influence is the ‘Five Yellows’. This corresponds to a location within your building and not the direction. This year the Five Yellows is in the central sector of your place. This brings a condition for sickness, money problems and general bad luck for anyone who spends a lot of time in this location. It is a heavy earth energy influence and it is cured by hanging a metal wind chime with six hollow tubes in the central sector. If your bedroom is in this sector of the house or apartment you should consider sleeping in another room for the year. If you were born in the year of the Snake this should be a good year for you anyway. If you were born in the year of the Pig it may be difficult. Wishing you all the very best of luck in the year of the Snake!

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Time to get a good direction for your life!

Dear Friends,

As you probably already know, everybody has four good directions and four bad ones. There are three basic ways to use these directions. Firstly, sleep with the top of your head towards a good direction. Secondly, sit facing a good direction when eating, working, studying and at meetings or interviews. Thirdly, use doors that face a good direction (from the inside looking out). This includes the front door to the building, bedroom door, apartment front door and office doors. It is difficult to have all the doors facing good directions but try to get as many as possible.

These directions always work.

That may seem like a sweeping statement to make but in the many hundreds of consultations I have done, over more than 15 years, I have never found one exception. Learning and using your directions is one of the most important things you can do for success in your life! I will give you tables to check your directions at the end of this blog.

The directions are for your whole life, so they are very important to know. It is very important to understand these directions well and in order to do that you need some skill with a compass. Some of us are ‘directionally challenged’ so if you have no sense of direction and get lost driving or on a walk you need to practice using a compass. For a quick check you can use a smart phone compass. The Apple iPhone seems to be fairly accurate under most circumstances. Others, such as the Nokia smart phones should not be trusted. It is better to get a good quality compass from an outdoor activities store.

Now, to find out your good and bad directions, first you need to find your ‘Gua’ number from the list below. As you can see, the Gua number depends on your year of birth and whether you are male or female. The Gua number is for your whole life and some people regard this as their lucky number.

Birth date                      Animal   Gua Number
                                       Male   Female
Feb 18, 1912 – Feb 5,  1913     Mouse   7       8
Feb 6,  1913 – Jan 25, 1914     Ox      6       9
Jan 26, 1914 – Feb 13, 1915     Tiger   5       1
Feb 14, 1915 – Feb 2,  1916     Rabbit  4       2
Feb 3,  1916 – Jan 22, 1917     Dragon  3       3
Jan 23, 1917 – Feb 10, 1918     Snake   2       4
Feb 11, 1918 – Jan 31, 1919     Horse   1       5
Feb 1,  1919 – Feb 19, 1920     Sheep   9       6
Feb 20, 1920 – Feb 7,  1921     Monkey  8       7
Feb 8,  1921 – Jan 27, 1922     Bird    7       8
Jan 28, 1922 – Feb 15, 1923     Dog     6       9
Feb 16, 1923 – Feb 4,  1924     Pig     5       1
Feb 5,  1924 – Jan 23, 1925     Mouse   4       2
Jan 24, 1925 – Feb 12, 1926     Ox      3       3
Feb 13, 1926 – Feb 1,  1927     Tiger   2       4
Feb 2,  1927 – Jan 22, 1928     Rabbit  1       5
Jan 23, 1928 – Feb 9,  1929     Dragon  9       6
Feb 10, 1929 – Jan 29, 1930     Snake   8       7
Jan 30, 1930 – Feb 16, 1931     Horse   7       8
Feb 17, 1931 – Feb 5,  1932     Sheep   6       9
Feb 6,  1932 – Jan 25, 1933     Monkey  5       1
Jan 26, 1933 – Feb 13, 1934     Bird    4       2
Feb 14, 1934 – Feb 3,  1935     Dog     3       3
Feb 4,  1935 – Jan 23, 1936     Pig     2       4
Jan 24, 1936 – Feb 10, 1937     Mouse   1       5
Feb 11, 1937 – Jan 30, 1938     Ox      9       6
Jan 31, 1938 – Feb 18, 1939     Tiger   8       7
Feb 19, 1939 – Feb 7,  1940     Rabbit  7       8
Feb 8,  1940 – Jan 26, 1941     Dragon  6       9
Jan 27, 1941 – Feb 14, 1942     Snake   5       1
Feb 15, 1942 – Feb 4,  1943     Horse   4       2
Feb 5,  1943 – Jan 24, 1944     Sheep   3       3
Jan 25, 1944 – Feb 12, 1945     Monkey  2       4
Feb 13, 1945 – Feb 1,  1946     Bird    1       5
Feb 2,  1946 – Jan 21, 1947     Dog     9       6
Jan 22, 1947 – Feb 9,  1948     Pig     8       7
Feb 10, 1948 – Jan 28, 1949     Mouse   7       8
Jan 29, 1949 – Feb 16, 1950     Ox      6       9
Feb 17, 1950 – Feb 5,  1951     Tiger   5       1
Feb 6,  1951 – Jan 26, 1952     Rabbit  4       2
Jan 27, 1952 – Feb 13, 1953     Dragon  3       3
Feb 14, 1953 – Feb 2,  1954     Snake   2       4
Feb 3,  1954 – Jan 23, 1955     Horse   1       5
Jan 24, 1955 – Feb 11, 1956     Sheep   9       6
Feb 12, 1956 – Jan 30, 1957     Monkey  8       7
Jan 31, 1957 – Feb 17, 1958     Bird    7       8
Feb 18, 1958 – Feb 7,  1959     Dog     6       9
Feb 8,  1959 – Jan 27, 1960     Pig     5       1
Jan 28, 1960 – Feb 14, 1961     Mouse   4       2
Feb 15, 1961 – Feb 4,  1962     Ox      3       3
Feb 5,  1962 – Jan 24, 1963     Tiger   2       4
Jan 25, 1963 – Feb 12, 1964     Rabbit  1       5
Feb 13, 1964 – Feb 1,  1965     Dragon  9       6
Feb 2,  1965 – Jan 20, 1966     Snake   8       7
Jan 21, 1966 – Feb 8,  1967     Horse   7       8
Feb 9,  1967 – Jan 29, 1968     Sheep   6       9
Jan 30, 1968 – Feb 16, 1969     Monkey  5       1
Feb 17, 1969 – Feb 5,  1970     Bird    4       2
Feb 6,  1970 – Jan 26, 1971     Dog     3       3
Jan 27, 1971 – Feb 14, 1972     Pig     2       4
Feb 15, 1972 – Feb 2,  1973     Mouse   1       5
Feb 3,  1973 – Jan 22, 1974     Ox      9       6
Jan 23, 1974 – Feb 10, 1975     Tiger   8       7
Feb 11, 1975 – Jan 30, 1976     Rabbit  7       8
Jan 31, 1976 – Feb 17, 1977     Dragon  6       9
Feb 18, 1977 – Feb 6,  1978     Snake   5       1
Feb 7,  1978 – Jan 27, 1979     Horse   4       2
Jan 28, 1979 – Feb 15, 1980     Sheep   3       3
Feb 16, 1980 – Feb 4,  1981     Monkey  2       4
Feb 5,  1981 – Jan 24, 1982     Bird    1       5
Jan 25, 1982 – Feb 12, 1983     Dog     9       6
Feb 13, 1983 – Feb 1,  1984     Pig     8       7
Feb 2,  1984 – Feb 19, 1985     Mouse   7       8
Feb 20, 1985 – Feb 8,  1986     Ox      6       9
Feb 9,  1986 – Jan 28, 1987     Tiger   5       1
Jan 29, 1987 – Feb 16, 1988     Rabbit  4       2
Feb 17, 1988 – Feb 5,  1989     Dragon  3       3
Feb 6,  1989 – Jan 26, 1990     Snake   2       4
Jan 27, 1990 – Feb 14, 1991     Horse   1       5
Feb 15, 1991 – Feb 3,  1992     Sheep   9       6
Feb 4,  1992 – Jan 22, 1993     Monkey  8       7
Jan 23, 1993 – Feb 9,  1994     Bird    7       8
Feb 10, 1994 – Jan 30, 1995     Dog     6       9
Jan 31, 1995 – Feb 18, 1996     Pig     5       1
Feb 19, 1996 – Feb 6,  1997     Mouse   4       2
Feb 7,  1997 – Jan 27, 1998     Ox      3       3
Jan 28, 1998 – Feb 15, 1999     Tiger   2       4
Feb 16, 1999 – Feb 4,  2000     Rabbit  1       5
Feb 5,  2000 – Jan 23, 2001     Dragon  9       6
Jan 24, 2001 – Feb 11, 2001     Snake   8       7
Feb 12, 2002 – Jan 31, 2003     Horse   7       8
Feb 1,  2003 – Jan 21, 2004     Sheep   6       9
Jan 22, 2004 – Feb 8,  2005     Monkey  5       1
Feb 9,  2005 – Jan 28, 2006     Bird    4       2
Jan 29, 2006 – Feb 17, 2007     Dog     3       3
Feb 18, 2007 – Feb 6,  2008     Pig     2       4
Feb 7,  2008 – Jan 25, 2009     Mouse   1       5
Jan 26, 2009 - Feb 13, 2010     Ox      9       6
Feb 14, 2010 - Feb 2,  2011     Tiger   8       7
Feb 3,  2011 - Jan 22, 2012     Rabbit  7       8
Jan 23, 2012 - Feb 9,  2013     Dragon  6       9
Feb 10, 2013 - Jan 30, 2014     Snake   5       1
Jan 31, 2014 - Feb 18, 2015     Horse   4       2
Feb 19, 2015 - Feb 7,  2016     Sheep   3       3
Feb 8,  2016 - Jan 27, 2017     Monkey  2       4
Jan 28, 2017 - Feb 15, 2018     Bird    1       5

Your Gua number corresponds to four good directions and four bad ones as shown in the table below. To reiterate; sleep with the top of your head towards a good direction. Sit facing a good direction when eating, working, studying and at meetings or interviews. Use doors that face a good direction (from the inside looking out). The ‘Development’ direction is the best one for children. Avoid using bad directions, especially the ‘Total Loss’ direction.

'East group' directions
                     Gua no.
	 	1	3	4       9
Wealth 	 	SE	S	N       E
Health 	 	E	N	S       SE
Relationship 	S	SE	E	N
Development 	N	E	SE	S
Little unlucky 	W	SW	NW	NE
More unlucky 	NE	NW	SW	W
Very unlucky 	NW	NE	W	SW
Total loss 	SW	W	NE	NW

'West group' directions
                    Gua no.
             5 Male  5 Female	2	6	7	8
Wealth 	        NE	SW	NE	W	NW	SW
Health 	        W	NW	W	NE	SW	NW
Relationship 	NW	W	NW	SW	NE	W
Development 	SW	NE	SW	NW	W	NE
Little unlucky 	E	S	E	SE	N	S
More unlucky 	SE	N	SE	E	S	N
Very unlucky	S	E	S	N	SE	E
Total loss 	N	SE	N	S	E	SE

Have a great time experimenting with your directions. Wishing you all the very best of luck!

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Happy New Year! Feng Shui for 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

The Chinese year of the Rabbit begins on the 3rd February and there are a couple of new conditions that you should be aware of. The main problems this year are to do with the East.

Firstly, there is problem for those of you who usually sit facing the East direction. This will be extremely negative in 2011 due to the presence of a negative influence called the ‘Grand Duke’, which is due East this year. He is like a grumpy old general who you must not sit facing. You can sit with your back to him with no problem and it is generally agreed that you can sleep with your head towards this direction but you might like to check this for yourself. If you currently sleep with the top of your head towards the East and you feel you suddenly are not sleeping well and have new problems after February 3rd then change the bed direction as well.

The other negative directional influence is called the ‘Three Killings’ and it is the West this year. It is very important to not sit with your back to this one in 2011. If you do, you are likely to have a lot of criticism and ill-will from others. You can face the West with no problem. Also, if you sit with your back to the West you will be facing the East and you will get a double dose of negative energy.

So please check the direction of your seat in the workplace and at home. You can move it so you are facing any of the other directions – for example, South-East, South and so on.

The other main problem this year is a locational negative influence called the ‘Five Yellows’. It is a condition for all kind of problems, especially sickness. Last year it was located in the South-West of your house and workplace. In 2011 it is located in the East sector of your place where it is likely to bring sickness, especially for the eldest son and problems with the legs and feet. The cure for the ‘Five Yellows’ is to hang a large wind chime with six hollow metal tubes anywhere in the East sector. This is especially important if the East sector contains your front door, your bedroom or any other room where you spend a lot of time.

Last year, the ‘Five Yellows’ was located in the South-West sector and negatively affected the woman of the house, relationships and the stomach and womb. If I visited your place last year I recommended that you have a six-rod wind chime in the South-West. It is now time to remove that wind chime and place it in the East sector. You can replace any crystals and bright lights that you may have removed from the South-West for last year. This negative influence moves each year according to the ‘Flying Star pattern’ so next year (2012) it will be located in the South-East.

It is always better to use a good quality trekking compass to check directions. The sun does not alway rise directly in the East. In the higher latitudes it is coming up more in the South-East at the moment. To find the East location in your building, stand in the centre of the whole place and check for the East direction with your compass. If you are still confused, consult an expert! 🙂

In my next blog I will give you more detail about the very best sitting and sleeping directions. There is a wonderful formula which is easy to implement, doesn’t cost anything and works 100 per cent of the time!

In the meantime, here’s wishing you a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2011 and Year of the Rabbit.

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Lucky 8, Barack Obama and the race that stops a nation.

Hi Everyone.

Have you wondered why shops are selling goods at $8.88 instead of $9.99 and so many people like 8 in their phone numbers and car number plates? Why did the Beijing Olympics start on the 8th of August 2008 at 8 p.m? In part, it is a Chinese superstition because the number 8 looks like their character for ‘happiness’. It is also like the ‘infinity’ symbol. But the Feng Shui reason is in the advanced system called ‘Flying Star’.

Flying Star is the time dimension of Feng Shui. It charts changes in the subtle environmental energies that affect our fortunes over 20 year, one year and even monthly time periods. Since 2004 we have been in the 20 year Flying Star period 8 and this is the main reason that the number is considered lucky up until 2024.

Period 8 is related to the ‘Gen’ trigram of the I Ching, which is associated with certain characteristics including knowledge, mountain, keeping still, the northeast, young men, hands and fingers and, of course, the number 8. So if we interpret the probable conditions arising from this we see that this 20-year period is a good time for keeping still like a mountain to acquire new knowledge – meditating on what has gone on before and moving on with new knowledge. And the best people to trust to do this are young men.

With this in mind in 2004 I started to look out for young up-and-coming politicians and when I spotted Barack Obama in 2006 with the other Democratic hopefuls I said to myself, ‘There he is – that is the next American President’. When I told my friends in New York about him they said, ‘Obama Bin who’? I said, ‘He will be the next US President’. They said, ‘Oh. We had better vote for him!’. Even when he was so close with Hilary Clinton in the Democrat race I knew he would win, because period 8 is a time for young men. Her time was period 7 (1984 to 2004), which was a time for young women. He is the 44th President and 4+4=8!

Period 8 also represents ‘current prosperity’ and therefore it is good to use it as much as possible for house and business addresses, telephone numbers, car number plates, prices of goods – and any other way you can think of. Is it any wonder that this year’s winner of the ‘race that stops a nation’ in Australia – the horse race called the Melbourne Cup – was number 8, Americain.

Number 8, Americain won the 2010 Melbourne Cup

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New York, New York!

Hi Everyone,

I recently visited New York again, which is certainly the most dynamic city that I visit on my yearly world tour. It has enormous energy, partly due to the very long, straight avenues and streets. The environmental chi whizzes up and down these long straight lines and makes the city very yang. In fact you have to be pretty yang yourself to handle it. Hence the line, ‘If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere’!

It is a powerful, vibrant city but it took a terrible blow to its confidence after the shocking attacks of September 11th 2001 and that trauma continues even now. The energy at the ‘ground zero’ site is very disturbing. It still requires a lot of prayer. Also, it has taken too long to deal with the redevelopment of the site and the sooner the ‘Freedom Tower’ is built the more quickly New Yorkers will be able to move on from this awful event.

Sadly, from the Feng Shui point of view it was not entirely unpredictable as I wrote in my book ‘Seeing is Believing’ as follows –

Twin Towers

During courses I gave in February 2001 I advised my students of the dangers of twin towers. I told them to watch what happened with the various twin towers around the world. The disaster in New York some six months later was not totally unpredictable. It is well known in geomancy that having two identical large towers together is very negative. Indeed there had already been a bombing at the World Trade Centre. Students told me of other twin towers that had had various problems.

The Chinese are superstitious about twin towers because they look like the two joss sticks that they offer to ancestors but there may be more subtle reasons to avoid them. If you look at the table of the trigrams and their characteristics you can see that the number two is associated with kun which is the most yin of the trigrams. This number has a negative connotation in Flying Star geomancy, usually foreboding sickness. It is also associated with the element ‘big earth’. In addition, the towers of the World Trade Centre had square shaped bases. This shape is also associated with the earth element. Earth is generally considered to be yin in nature. The time that the attacks took place was ‘between’ summer and autumn, which is also associated with kun. It seems that this extremely heavy combination of very yin influences was too much for the buildings to sustain.

Also, the corners of the towers were pointing directly at each other creating very powerful ‘poison arrows’. The negative energy of the site, now known as ‘ground zero’ is palpable years after the terrible event. It will take a long time and many prayers to help improve the environment. Years later, real estate is still much cheaper in the vicinity than in other parts of Manhattan.

The twin towers of Kuala Lumpur

I am sometimes asked if the same fate awaits the famous twin towers of Kuala Lumpur – the world’s tallest buildings.* The prognosis is a bit more optimistic in this case. Indeed there are two towers, but they are joined by a bridge at about one-third of the height which may help. The footprint shape of the towers is based on the eight-sided ba gua or octagon. This shape is well known to have protective properties, as I will explain later. In addition, the towers are mostly clad in metal; in the cycle of elements metal exhausts earth, so the heavy earth influence is somewhat reduced. ‘Big metal’ is associated with Qian, which is the most yang trigram and in this way the yin and yang influences of the towers are balanced. On the negative side, the towers have a lot of corners that are firing poison arrows in all directions and also at each other. So from this analysis there seems to be less danger to the K.L. towers than there was to the New York ones. Would I live anywhere near them? No way!

* They were the world’s highest buildings at the time of writing – now overtaken by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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Terrapinn and Feng Shui

Hi, everyone.

I have been giving advice to the media company Terrapinn for the last 12 years – so long that I really feel part of the team there. They have been major supporters of my work for the whole of that period and I am extremely grateful to them for helping me to help others around the world. Their great success gives me enormous pleasure.

Their CEO Greg Hitchen posted this article on his blog – Feng Shui @ Terrapinn

Check out Terrapinn here.

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