Feng Shui tips for the Year of the Earth Dog

The Year of the Fire Bird has flown past and it is time to look forward to the Year of the Earth Dog, which starts on the Tibetan and Chinese New Year – February 16th. It was a very challenging year for many people and for some much progress was made with concentrated effort. Others said goodbye to important people in their lives and make fresh starts this New Year.

For me personally it was a highly challenging year with the passing of my wonderful spiritual master, Geshe Thubten Dawo and the birth (after a long gestation) of my eight-part TV show about Feng Shui in famous places, called ‘Wind and Water’. Making the series was like climbing Mount Everest and I am very happy with the result but the view from the top is yet another big mountain to climb as I look for broadcasters. Here is the link to the trailer for those who have not seen it yet. I am still hopeful that it will help to raise substantial funds for various Buddhist projects around the world.

Bella and Tara.jpg

The faithful Dog is a friend to the Horse and the Tiger. So if you were born under either of these animal signs you can expect better fortunes this year. The Dog is an enemy of the Dragon so this could be a difficult year for those born under this sign. It is usually considered quite difficult for a Dog in the year of the Dog.

There are a number of both positive and negative influences visiting your home and workplace this year and they are all easily dealt with. You can apply ALL the cures and enhancements with confidence that they will bring an excellent balance to your environment.

Briefly, here are the top ten tips you can implement to create the ‘Style of Perfect Harmony’ in your place for the year of the Dog, with a detailed explanation following the list. This is an integrated package so try to do them all…

In Brief:

  1. Do not sit facing the North West this year
  2. Do not sit with your back to the North this year
  3. Put a large wind chime with six hollow metal tubes in the North sector
  4. Put a fountain in the South East sector for wealth
  5. Put a bowl of still water in the East for health
  6. Have a wind chime in the Northwest for help from mentors
  7. Put a six-rod wind chime in the West to avoid sickness for children
  8. Put a bright light in the North East to help with study and good ideas
  9. Have a bright light in the central sector of your place to multiply the effects
  10. Put a crystal in the South West for relationship luck.

In Detail:


Firstly, you should always pay particular attention you your good and bad personal directions, which I explained in one of my previous blogs – ‘Time to get a good direction in your life‘. These directions are yours for life and very effective. Please check the link above if you are not sure what they are and start putting the simple recommendations into effect – especially, sleep with the top of your head towards a good direction.

There are always complications in Feng Shui and there are two negative yearly influences that affect your good directions. The first is called the ‘Grand Duke’ and it affects the direction that you sit facing. This year it is in the northwest direction (specifically the 15 degrees between the compass bearings of 293 and 307 degrees known as NW1). It is best not to sit facing this direction at all this year. Some people also choose not to sleep with the top of their heads towards this direction. My personal view is that sleeping with your head towards the grumpy old Grand Duke is not as ‘confrontational’ as sitting facing him. The negative effect would be problems with authority figures and bureaucracy as well as problems with building or renovations in this direction in your place – so you can check this out if you are sleeping that way. If you are doing a major renovation involving all areas of your place this year it is better not to start them in the North West direction. You can start elsewhere and get round to this sector later.

The second negative influence with regard to your directions is called the ‘Three Killings’ and you should not sit with your back to it. It is in the Northern direction this year so do not sit facing South, even if this is usually a good direction for you.

These first two recommendations are about ‘directions’ and all the following ones are about ‘locations’ or ‘sectors’ within your place. You can use your directions anywhere within any building for your whole life – just beware of those two negative yearly ones that I just mentioned. To figure out the ‘locations’ you need to draw a tic-tac-toe grid on your floor plan of nine equal sectors – simply divide each side of the floor plan into three and join the lines to make a grid of square or rectangular sectors (this is called the ‘Lo Shu’ square). Use a good quality compass to figure out which sector is which. Then place the recommended enhancements in each sector.


One of the major negative influences in the Fire Bird year was the location of the ‘Five Yellows’ in the South, which as I explained was negative for Fame and Reputation – and, sure enough, there were a lot of scandals affecting celebrities. This year this heavy earth influence moves to the North location and is a condition for problems associated with your career, for the middle son of the family, the health of hearing and for things to do with water. These problems could be more acute if your front door is located in this sector or your bedroom is there. Some people prefer not to sleep in this sector for the whole year.

The cure for the Five Yellows is always the same and that is to put large metal objects in the sector where it is located – so in the North this year. A large wind chime with six hollow metal tubes is highly recommended. It can be inside or outside and does not have to make any sound. Metal is a good element for the northern sector so this will assist your career as well as controlling the Five Yellows.

There is a very positive influence in the South East sector this year and place a fountain in this sector with the water flowing in towards the centre. With this in place, you can expect some additional income.

A negative influence for health is located in the East sector and this can be absorbed by placing a fairly large wooden bowl with still water. Change the water every three days or so and do not let pets drink it.

Hang a metal wind chime or  bells in the North West to get more people helping you in your life.

There is a negative influence for the health of children in the West sector this year, which is exhausted by hanging a six-rod metal wind chime there.

Place a bright light in the North East sector to remove a condition for mental stress and to help with education and good ideas in general. Keep it on most of the time.

The multiplication influence is in the centre of your place this year and is also activated with light. This will help to multiply all the Feng Shui enhancements.

Lastly, hang a crystal in the South West sector to catch the afternoon sunlight and make rainbows in the room. This is good for romance and relationships.

Size counts in Feng Shui and you can put more of the same enhancements when you feel that everything is working well but it if you feel that the energy is too much for you when you put more or bigger ones then you can reduce them slightly until you feel comfortable with the level of energy.

Finally, for those of you still interested in the fortunes of Donald (Teflon) Trump, he continues to benefit from the excellent Feng Shui that was done for him on his home in Trump Towers, New York and will ride that Feng Shui wave all year. The Three Killings moves from the South to the North so the criticism of him will die down a bit (his desk in the White House faces north). Trump was born in the year of the Fire Dog (as were Clinton and Bush Jr). The general consensus is that being in your own animal sign year is not good – so his problems will continue, however I suspect that others will fall around him and somehow he will survive politically mainly because of the good Feng Shui advice he has received.

Very best wishes for some great energy in 2018 and a lot of success!



Sera Monastery, South India

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About Jampa Ludrup

Jampa Ludrup is an Australian monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He has been studying, teaching and giving consultations in Feng Shui since 2001 in all parts of the world. Jampa aims to help people find maximum happiness in their lives through the application of Buddhist and Feng Shui techniques.
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8 Responses to Feng Shui tips for the Year of the Earth Dog

  1. pamela says:

    Have you contacted us at Gaia?

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Ven Jampa Ludrup,
    I am reading your book Feng Shui, Seeing is Believing, and I have a question. In it you say that if your front door is facing a bad direction, chose another door. In the case of our family, our front door is not a good direction, but our back door is, so we try to use the back door as much as possible and consider it as the main entry for us to the house.
    My question is, in this situation, should I apply feng shui techniques to my actual front door, e.g. by hanging a gua mirror and planting golden coloured trees close the the front door of the house, OR should I use these techniques on our back door that we are entering and exiting from as it is a good direction? Does that make sense?
    Thank you

  3. Jampa Ludrup says:

    Dear Amy, Thanks for your enquiry. Using the back door is very good if it suits you from the point of view of your personal directions. The door at the front of the house remains the ‘mouth of the house’ and the Chi still enters there. So if you need to make enhancements to the ‘front door’ then do them to the door at the front. However, I do not recommend using a Ba Gua mirror unless it is reflecting a negative influence coming from a place where nobody lives or it will reflect it back onto them and this is not a kind thing to do. It is better to use the defensive techniques outlined in my book. And I am not sure I ever recommended ‘golden trees’ but this would be ok for a South facing front door as long as they do not block the energy coming to it or form ‘pillars’ in front of the door. I hope that is all helpful. Watch out for my online Feng Shui courses that will be available from Wisdom Publications of Boston very soon. Wishing you the very best of luck. Love, Jampa

  4. kaczmarek says:

    thank you for these valuable tips and happy new year dog to you Jampa
    Thierry (gaillac france)

  5. Maria Dekyi says:

    Dear Jampa, Happy Losar 2018 !. Thank you for your recommandations. If thé est is in bedroom its better dont put water in This room. I remember that you explain in your book that no water in thé bedroom, sô what you suggest ?

    One millions of thanks ! Maria Waiting for to see your fengshui vidéos !

    • Jampa Ludrup says:

      Thanks for your enquiry Maria. Yes, it is better not to put any water in a bedroom, so you cannot use this particular tip in your place. In Feng Shui it is often the case that you “can’t do everything”… 🙂 Do everything that you can and don’t worry about things that are not possible to fix. Wishing you the best of luck. Love, Jampa

      • Maria says:

        Dear Jampa ; thank you very much for your answer.
        I have your book after years, but I just realize that I have a big reproduction of the picture of Monet Le Bassin aux nymphéas, green harmony, with the famous weeping willow tree in my bedroom. So if Water it’s no good, I suppose that water representations are not good also?
        For the Est : I follow your recommendation that you explain in your book. So I put the water in the Est of our living-room who in fact it’s the north of the apartment in the bagua map of the house. So like water its good in the north, I think that it is not a bad compromise.
        Still One millions of thanks and I wish that a lot of help arrives for finish the construction of the Monastery
        ; )

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