Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Fire Bird 2017

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Happy New Year!

As we bid farewell to the year of the Fire Monkey (and what a big year that was) it is time to think about Feng Shui changes for the year of the Fire Bird 2017.

The Tibetan New Year called ‘Losar’ is not for another month yet but we still need to make some changes as Feng Shui follows the Chinese calendar of course.

Some of you will have noticed my observation back in June that Donald Trump was riding a Feng Shui wave and was likely to win the Presidency. His character certainly suited the year of the Monkey, which is playful and hard to pin down. Also this year is another Fire year, which suits him as it is to do with fame and reputation – good for a reality TV star. Also he was born in the year of the Fire Dog and will do well (at least in his own mind) despite criticism and clashes with authority.

It should be an especially good year if you were born in the year of the Ox or Snake. Not so good if you were born in the year of the Rabbit.

The Bird or Rooster year is usually characterised by hard work, commitment, organisation and precision. So it is good year to work in a very practical and intelligent way towards your aspirations, which should be be pure and altruistic – not selfish.

So much for the musings of Chinese astrology. What about Feng Shui?

It is very important that you know your good and bad directions and these are determined from your year of birth. You can check here to find your animal sign and your Gua number in my blog – ‘Time to get a good direction for your life’ (check the tables to get your directions).

These Feng Shui directions are yours for life and are always very useful and powerful. However, there are yearly changes that you have to be aware of otherwise you may not realise that one or two of your good directions have become bad for one year.

There are three negative yearly influences to watch out for every year – the Grand Duke, the Three Killings and the Five Yellows. This year it is the West Group people (with Gua number 2,5,6,7 or 8) who are most affected.

The Grand Duke is a negative yearly influence that you should not sit facing even if it is normally a good direction for you. This year it is in the west so avoid facing this direction at all this year. To be precise, it is due west in the 15 degree range between 263 and 277, but it is probably easier to avoid the whole of the west, especially as there is another negative influence to deal with. Don’t confront the Grand Duke so do not sit facing him. It may also be advisable to not sleep with the top of your head towards the Grand Duke. And, do not start renovations in the west. It is ok to start elsewhere and then you can continue to the west area later in your renovations.

The other major problem for West Group people this year is the Three Killings and this also affects your directions. With this one, it is important not to sit with your back to it, otherwise there is a danger of negative criticism and being undermined. This has gone round 90 degrees, to the east. So this year do not sit facing west.

This means that if you sit facing west there is a double dose of negative energy from the Grand Duke in front and the Three Killings behind so make sure you always avoid it until the next New Year, which falls on February 16th 2018.


Lastly, the Five Yellows is a negative influence that affects a particular location in your home and workplace, rather than a direction. Last year the northeast was afflicted and this year it is the south. It can cause sickness and general misfortune so it is better to avoid spending a lot of time in this location in your place. However, it can be controlled by hanging a wind chime with six hollow metal tubes in the area. If you put a wind chime in the northeast last year, it is time to move it to the south.

This is especially important if your bedroom is located in the southern sector and you cannot move to another bedroom for the year. It is also very important to hang the wind chime close to your front door if it is located in the south of your home. Wind chimes do not have to make a sound in order to be effective. It is the presence of the metal tubes that helps to suck up the negative earth element influence associated with the Five Yellows. The most likely problems would be for the luck of reputation, especially for the youngest daughter and things to do with the eyes and seeing.

The very best way to avoid bad luck is to always perform good actions with the best possible intentions. This creates the seeds of good fortune. Then when negative conditions arise, like the ones I just outlined, you are much less likely to experience negative results. Implementing the cures I have suggested makes it even more unlikely that bad things will happen.

It is not always easy to implement these Feng Shui recommendations. Just do your best and forget about it afterwards. The great Buddhist saint, Shantideva said, ‘Worry doesn’t help. If there is something you can do, do it, and then there is no need to worry. If there is nothing you can do, why worry?

So please enjoy life with a good heart, Always work on the balance between mind, body and your environment. Do your best to help others and at least try not to harm them. That way you will have success in the Year of the Fire Bird and always.

About Jampa Ludrup

Jampa Ludrup is an Australian monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He has been studying, teaching and giving consultations in Feng Shui since 2001 in all parts of the world. Jampa aims to help people find maximum happiness in their lives through the application of Buddhist and Feng Shui techniques.
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