Obama, Trump and the Future

Dear Friends,

Since the rather surprising US Presidential election, many people have been asking me what the implications are from a Feng Shui point of view and if I can give any recommendations for the future. Many are shocked. Many are thinking they should leave the USA. And all are uncertain about the future.

Let me begin by looking at some recent history. In 2008, at the beginning of the Democrat primaries I told clients in New York that the most likely candidate be the next American President was Barack Obama. They were surprised because nobody had heard of him. My reasoning was in the characteristics of the trigrams that we use in Feng Shui. We were newly into Period Eight, which runs from 2004 to 2024 and is ruled by the Gen trigram. The family member that is associated with this trigram is the ‘youngest son’, so I was simply looking for the youngest male candidate and that was Barack Obama. Even when he was very close with Hilary Clinton I knew that he had the best chance. And then when he won the nomination and was running against a much older Republican in John McCain I was sure he would win. Obamas win in 2012 was something of a surprise for many people but he was riding the prevailing energy of the time, which continued into a comparatively easy re-election in 2012

When it came to the 2016 election I was a bit surprised that no younger men came through. Rubio was knocked out early on and Cruz did not last much longer. Both were in their mid-40s like Obama was when he was elected. So clearly, there was some other influence at work.

There is a very famous New York businessman who says, ‘I do Feng Shui because it makes me money – but I do not believe in it’. He does Feng Shui because he was in financial difficulty and needed to attract Chinese backers and they will not invest in a business unless Feng Shui has been done. So he engaged two very competent Malaysian Chinese masters. That he ‘does not believe in it’ is absolutely fine. I prefer it that way because it works whether you believe in it or not and it is better if you do not fret about it all the time. That business man’s name is Donald Trump.

It was clear to me that he was riding a ‘Feng Shui wave’ and was very likely to have success both in the primaries and the presidential election. I told many clients and students this starting six months before the election. However, I did think that he might be a bit early and even I was fooled by the pre-election polls. That Trump actually won was as much a shock for me as much as for anyone I know – my heart ruled my head.

The next Feng Shui period – Period 9 – runs from 2024 to 2044 and is ruled by the Li trigram. The family member of this period is the ‘middle daugher’ so a middle-aged woman seemed more likely to win even though Period 8 is still a time for young men. However, Period 9 also has other characteristics of the Li trigram and these include ‘Fame and Reputation’. So it becomes increasingly likely that the cult of celebrity will be more important and that is another reason why Donald Trump was successful. I told my students that he was a bit early and it would have been more likely for him to be successful in 2020 as we approached the start of Period 9 in 2024. However, I underestimated the Feng Shui wave he was riding.

So what about the present?

Well firstly politics has just experienced a seismic change and everything is uncertain, not just in the USA but worldwide. The centrist politics of the major rival parties all trying to occupy the middle ground is over in my view. So we can expect more extreme views to be dominant on both sides. There will be a rush to placate the ‘working classes’ or ‘battlers’ as we call them in Australia. These people have been doing it too hard for too long while the distribution of wealth has favoured the already rich and ‘career politicians’ have done nothing to create more equality. So-called ‘trickle-down economics’ is surely debunked by now and is most certainly on-the-nose for the majority of voters.

Will Trump address this? Highly unlikely with his right-wing politician friends in the White House. So there will very quickly be a lot of dissatisfied people in the U.S.A. It is highly likely in my opinion that he will be impeached as soon as the Republican establishment tire of him. So Pence will be president but will not win a second term. There may be a complete change of the guard then – back to Democrat but it looks more likely that conservative view will prevail especially with local radio and other right-wing media playing such a big role.

However, Trump has broken the mould of the career politician so as 2024 approaches and celebrity becomes more important there is a higher chance of someone else famous becoming President. We could yet see a Kardashian in the White House! And as for career politicians, they would have to actively try to achieve cult-celebrity status before running for high office.

Many of my friends have asked, ‘Should I stay in America?’, ‘Are we heading for conflict?’, so I will try to answer these questions about the future in as reasonable a way as I can.

Firstly, let us look a the Feng Shui trends for the period from 2024 to 2o44 called ‘Period 9’. These include, the ‘Middle daughter’, ‘Fame and reputation’,’Fire’, the ‘Phoenix’ and things to do with the ‘Eyes’. For this reason, it is more likely that a middle-aged woman would be most likely as a successful politician. We already have that of course in many countries around the world, notably Germany, the U.K. However, successful ones are likely to be already famous and not necessarily politicians.

One of the troubling characteristics of Period 9 is ‘Fire’. Does that mean that there is a likelihood of war, especially nuclear war? If we go back in history to the last occurrence of Period 9 (it was from 1844 to 1864) we find revolution sweeping Europe mostly as wealthy elites tried to suppress voting and other rights to the working and business classes. It was felt in France for example (before the revolution that installed the 2nd Republic) that the banks were in control of the country and the ruling elite had no interest in furthering the rights or welfare of the poor. So it was a period of great turmoil in Europe and elsewhere.

When the people with their fingers on the nuclear buttons include Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping and Modi one is right to feel a bit nervous. However, all human beings want happiness, especially for themselves and their loved ones and we must continue to trust that nuclear weapons are primarily a deterrent to war as they have been for all of my life. My generation remains the first in history that has not had to go to war.

I am still hopeful that no political problem is unsolvable – especially because it is so much easier to communicate with each other. Interestingly, this is since Period 7 (1984 to 2004) where one of the characteristics was things to do with the ‘Mouth’ and we saw the rise of the internet and mobile phones. So if ideas are communicated and discussed clearly then there should be no problem.

However, I have always taken to heart the attitude of the Tibetan community who lost their homeland to the Chinese and many of whom now live in exile. They say, ‘Hope for the best and prepare for the worst’.

So, bearing that in mind, I have advised clients and friends for a number of years now to go ‘off the grid’ so-to-speak and find a nice country place where they can be self-sufficient in food (maybe through permaculture), solar electricity, water supply and so on. This seems sensible especially as, with the characteristic of ‘Fire’, Period 9 will be the period of global warming. It will be a time when we realise that not enough has been done to counter emissions and will start to reap the consequences. So being ‘off the grid’ will be the best contribution from that point of view and the best attitude. However, if the worst happens and there is war then you will also be in good shape. It seems to me that the various Buddhist retreat centres have an important role to play in this regard. They not only help to create causes of good fortune (good actions motivated by good intentions) but can also create the conditions for that good causal potential (or karma) to ripen into good fortune for everyone who lives there.

Can these conditions be found in the U.S.A? Of course they can. There are already wonderful communities of good people all over the States. And also there are many wonderful pockets of land waiting to be found for this purpose. So I am very hopeful. Then if the landscaping and building is done according to Feng Shui principles it will also be better protected from possible harm.

If all those good people in America (disheartened, unsettled and even scared of what is happening politically) leave that great country then it will be impoverished. There is a majority against Trump actually and they must continue to make their voices heard. It is even more important now to debate and educate with compassion and love. To persuade and lead by example. To counter the politics of hate with the politics of universal love and compassion. The trend of human evolution is away from conflict and towards mutual care. This is inevitable despite those that would occasionally lead us back to the old days.

So my basic advice is hope for the best, prepare for the worst and counter those that would lead you back to the good old, dark old days with reason and love.

I wish you all true happiness.



About Jampa Ludrup

Jampa Ludrup is an Australian monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He has been studying, teaching and giving consultations in Feng Shui since 2001 in all parts of the world. Jampa aims to help people find maximum happiness in their lives through the application of Buddhist and Feng Shui techniques.
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