Feng Shui advice for the Chinese Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram/Ewe?

EweLosar Tashi Delek and Happy New Year!

February 19th 2015 is the start of the Chinese and Tibetan New Year but what animal sign is it? It is variously described as the Year of the Sheep, or the Year of the Goat or the Ram. The Chinese tend to go for the Goat and the Tibetans for Sheep. Indeed, there is a close genetic relationship between these animals. Sheep years are ‘yin’, which is considered feminine. So perhaps it would be more accurate to describe it as the Year of the Ewe – and certainly not the Year of the Ram.

The element for this year is Wood and this represents growth. The Sheep is associated with the southwest, so this year you can expect some new relationships to begin. This is most likely for people born in the year of the Horse.

It should be an especially good year if you were born in the year of the Pig (Boar) and also for Rabbits. Don’t expect a good year if you were born in the year of the Ox.

You can check here to find your animal sign and your Gua number in my blog – ‘Time to get a good direction for your life’ (check the tables to get your directions).

It is very important to know your Gua number because it determines your lucky and unlucky directions. These Feng Shui directions are yours for life and are always very useful and powerful. However, there are yearly changes that you have to be aware of otherwise you may not realise that one or two of your good directions have become bad for one year.

There are three negative yearly influences to watch out for each year – the Grand Duke, the Three Killings and the Five Yellows:

The Grand Duke is a negative yearly influence that you should not sit facing even if it is usually a good direction for you. This year it is in the southwest so avoid facing this direction at all this year. To be precise, it is in the south-southwest in the 15 degrees between 203 and 217, but it is probably easier to avoid the whole of the southwest. The Grand Duke is like a grumpy old general and you should not confront him in any way, so do not sit facing him. It is advisable to not sleep with the top of your head towards the Grand Duke. Also, do not start renovations in the direction where he is located. It is ok to start elsewhere and then you can continue to the southwest area later in your renovations.

The Three Killings is another negative influence that affects your directions. With this one, it is important not to sit with your back to it, otherwise there is a danger of negative criticism and being undermined. This is in the west this year so do not sit facing east.


Lastly, the Five Yellows is a negative influence that affects a particular location in your home and workplace, rather than a direction. This year the west is afflicted. It can cause sickness and general misfortune so it is better to avoid spending a lot of time in this location in your place. However, it can be controlled by hanging a wind chime with six hollow metal tubes in the area. This is especially important if your bedroom is located in the west sector and you cannot move to another bedroom for the year. It is also very important to hang the wind chime close to your front door if it is located in the west of your home. Wind chimes do not have to make a sound in order to be effective. It is the presence of the metal tubes that helps to suck up the negative earth element influence associated with the Five Yellows. The most likely problems would be for the luck of children in general, especially the youngest daughter.

Remember that the best way to avoid bad luck is to always perform good actions with the best possible intentions. This creates the seeds of good fortune. Then when negative conditions arise, like the ones I just outlined, you are much less likely to experience negative results. Implementing the cures I have suggested makes it even more unlikely that bad things will happen.

Whatever you do, there is no use worrying about it. So please enjoy life with a good heart, keep your life grounded and in balance, and as much as you can help others and at least try not to harm them. That way you will create a cycle of good fortune that will make the Year of the Sheep a very successful one for you.

Leunig Goat

About Jampa Ludrup

Jampa Ludrup is an Australian monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He has been studying, teaching and giving consultations in Feng Shui since 2001 in all parts of the world. Jampa aims to help people find maximum happiness in their lives through the application of Buddhist and Feng Shui techniques.
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3 Responses to Feng Shui advice for the Chinese Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram/Ewe?

  1. Sand says:

    Thank you dear Jampa 🙂

  2. Franceschini says:

    is it so determinate that “Ox” shouldn’t expect a good year? it seems very stressfull to me!

    • Jampa Ludrup says:

      The Ox is the ‘opposite’ of the Sheep in Chinese astrology, so you would expect some difficulties this year. However, the best thing is to keep a positive outlook and regards all problems that may arise as the ripening of your own negative karma. Once it has arisen, it is done – it cannot arise again unless you repeat the negative cause. So you can think, ‘thank goodness that is finished’. Treat these problems as opportunities to grow and learn – turn negative to positive. Good luck! love, Jampa

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