Happy New Year of the Horse – Here is some Feng Shui advice

Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Horse 2014


Dear Friends,

Last year was a bit of a roller-coaster ride for many people. I had an amazing year with a huge step forward in terms of career. I started a film production company called Alpine Style Productions and with the help of my excellent team we completed filming eight episodes of a thirteen-part series on Feng Shui, called ‘Wind and Water’. You can see the trailer for this ground-breaking TV series using this link.

Sales of my book, ‘Feng Shui – Seeing is Believing’ have also been going well. And a new book, on Flying Star Feng Shui, is one of my priorities for 2014.


I have also found a manufacturer interested in making the Feng Shui enhancers that I designed with the sculptor, Olivier Massange. Keep an eye on my website for availability later this year.

The year of the Snake brought its ups and downs and now we move into the year of the Horse. The horse is characterised by strength, reliability and hard work. So that is what you can expect this year as well as more travel. People born in the year of the Horse should practice more patience this year and take a more softly, softly approach to their work.

In general though, I think that we can start to be more confident about business, career and projects. They will need hard work but we should start to reap the benefits of the necessary soul-searching and re-orientation that we have been through in recent years. Period Eight (2004 to 2024) was always predicted to be a prosperous one and now that we are halfway through we can move forward with more confidence for the next eight to ten years.

However, as usual, there are yearly influences that we must take note of and control.

A wind chime with six hollow metal tubesThe principal negative influence, which is called the ‘Five Yellows’ moves from the centre this year to the north-west of your building. It is always important to have metal where the Five Yellows is located for the year – so hang a fairly large wind chime with six hollow metal tubes.

The wind chime can be inside your place or outside and it doesn’t have to make a noise. Metal exhausts the negative earth influence. Otherwise there would be problems for men in senior positions and in getting help from mentors, teachers and guides.

If you have been practicing Feng Shui, you may well have a wind chime in the north-west of your place already and it will certainly not harm to place an additional one. It may even attract more people to help you in your life.

Two other major negative yearly influences for 2014 affect your sitting directions and there is a double dose of bad energy when facing the south. I already explained the great importance of personal good and bad directions in an earlier blog called  ‘Time to get a good direction in your life’.  You should check out this extremely helpful information if you have not done so already.


The first is called the ‘Grand Duke’ and you must not sit facing this way even if it is a good personal direction for you. In 2014 it is due south so avoid having your desk facing this direction or sitting watching TV facing this way. You may even prefer to not have the head of your bed towards the south this year.

The second direction is called the ‘Three Killings’ and it is important to not sit with your back to this one. In 2014 it is in the north so again you should not sit facing south, otherwise you may suffer from unnecessary criticism.

Remember that good luck does not grow on trees.  You must first create the cause of good fortune by performing good actions with good intentions. What goes around, comes around. Feng Shui can help to create good conditions so that good luck can become manifest but it is up to you to make your own luck by being a good-hearted, patient and generous person, and also to recognise and seize the opportunities when they arise. Then again use that good fortune to help others. That way, you will create a never-ending cycle of abundance.

2014 will be a crucial year for my TV project and I will need all the help I can get! Wishing you all the very best of luck in the year of the Wood Horse!



About Jampa Ludrup

Jampa Ludrup is an Australian monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He has been studying, teaching and giving consultations in Feng Shui since 2001 in all parts of the world. Jampa aims to help people find maximum happiness in their lives through the application of Buddhist and Feng Shui techniques.
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3 Responses to Happy New Year of the Horse – Here is some Feng Shui advice

  1. Are you a monk or a businessman? I thought it wasn’t permitted for monks to have jobs.

    On Thursday, January 30, 2014, Jampaludrup’s Blog wrote: > Jampa Ludrup posted: “Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Horse 2014 Dear Friends, Last year was a bit of a roller-coaster ride for many people. I had an amazing year with a huge step forward in terms of career. I started a film production company called Alpine Style ” >

  2. You can definitely see your skills within the work you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are
    not afraid to mention how they believe. All the time
    go after your heart.

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