Happy New Year! Feng Shui for 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

The Chinese year of the Rabbit begins on the 3rd February and there are a couple of new conditions that you should be aware of. The main problems this year are to do with the East.

Firstly, there is problem for those of you who usually sit facing the East direction. This will be extremely negative in 2011 due to the presence of a negative influence called the ‘Grand Duke’, which is due East this year. He is like a grumpy old general who you must not sit facing. You can sit with your back to him with no problem and it is generally agreed that you can sleep with your head towards this direction but you might like to check this for yourself. If you currently sleep with the top of your head towards the East and you feel you suddenly are not sleeping well and have new problems after February 3rd then change the bed direction as well.

The other negative directional influence is called the ‘Three Killings’ and it is the West this year. It is very important to not sit with your back to this one in 2011. If you do, you are likely to have a lot of criticism and ill-will from others. You can face the West with no problem. Also, if you sit with your back to the West you will be facing the East and you will get a double dose of negative energy.

So please check the direction of your seat in the workplace and at home. You can move it so you are facing any of the other directions – for example, South-East, South and so on.

The other main problem this year is a locational negative influence called the ‘Five Yellows’. It is a condition for all kind of problems, especially sickness. Last year it was located in the South-West of your house and workplace. In 2011 it is located in the East sector of your place where it is likely to bring sickness, especially for the eldest son and problems with the legs and feet. The cure for the ‘Five Yellows’ is to hang a large wind chime with six hollow metal tubes anywhere in the East sector. This is especially important if the East sector contains your front door, your bedroom or any other room where you spend a lot of time.

Last year, the ‘Five Yellows’ was located in the South-West sector and negatively affected the woman of the house, relationships and the stomach and womb. If I visited your place last year I recommended that you have a six-rod wind chime in the South-West. It is now time to remove that wind chime and place it in the East sector. You can replace any crystals and bright lights that you may have removed from the South-West for last year. This negative influence moves each year according to the ‘Flying Star pattern’ so next year (2012) it will be located in the South-East.

It is always better to use a good quality trekking compass to check directions. The sun does not alway rise directly in the East. In the higher latitudes it is coming up more in the South-East at the moment. To find the East location in your building, stand in the centre of the whole place and check for the East direction with your compass. If you are still confused, consult an expert! 🙂

In my next blog I will give you more detail about the very best sitting and sleeping directions. There is a wonderful formula which is easy to implement, doesn’t cost anything and works 100 per cent of the time!

In the meantime, here’s wishing you a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2011 and Year of the Rabbit.

About Jampa Ludrup

Jampa Ludrup is an Australian monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He has been studying, teaching and giving consultations in Feng Shui since 2001 in all parts of the world. Jampa aims to help people find maximum happiness in their lives through the application of Buddhist and Feng Shui techniques.
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